Sweater Style:

Knowing which sweater style best fits your body shape results in a well fitted garment. This post will discuss the benefits of the raglan style.


What is a Raglan Sleeve:


A raglan is a sleeve that begins at the neck and has a long, slanting seam line from the neck to the armhole, giving the garment a relatively undefined shoulder.



  • Best for casual knits
  • Allows for easy movement
  • No shoulder seams
  • Great for different body shapes
  • Easy to color block different color sleeves from main body
  • Less time-consuming
  • Wider sleeve in the underarm
  • Allows more room for under garments as a button-up cardigan
  • Wider bust area because of the slanted sleeve shaping
  • Easily modified into an align dress

What is your favorite sleeve style? Comment Below.