The knitted blanket is more than strands of yarns uniquely woven together in a delicate design.  It’s a memento of years spent together from birth to eternity.  Blankets, clothes, and toys packed neatly away for a generation to enjoy till one day you are telling stories about each garment as you unpack saying, “I remember when…”.

  • A baby’s blanket is not just a blanket.  Its purpose is endless: Its used to:
  • Cover up at bedtime
  • Keeps them warm in the stroller
  • Provides protection from the sun and wind
  • It’s a mat to play with toys and watch tv
  • A pillow and prop when feeding
  • Used to play peek-a-boo
  • A conversation peace between moms
  • A secret hiding place from the boogeyman
  • A security blanket when mom is away from home
  • Throw over your shoulder to burp
  • Swaddled around their body
  • Lay on to change diapers when out in the world

A blanket is not just a blanket.  It brings joy and memories of time past. It’s a sharable moment for discussion.