What’s New

Taylor Knits has started a new venture creating video tutorials.” Her first video production started on May 16, 2018 where she demonstrated how to machine knit the famous Foote. What prompt Taylor Knits  to start was a customer who desperately needed help in creating a top fold.  The only way to accomplish this was by way of a video.

In addition, she plans to upload free video technique tutorials. Her goal is to demonstrate skills not readily available on the Internet or provided by other machinists in You Tube videos.

Customer Requests


To date, she has collected requests for technique tutorials on how-to:

  • Cut and sew a knitted garment.
  • How to set-up a knit leader and knit radar
  • How to use a lace carriage
  • How to read a knitting chart and hand manipulate on knitting machine
  • How to match pattern gauge
  • How to knit using a punch card.
  • Matching gauge using a knit leader/knit radar
  • Ladder Back Jacquard

Look forward to viewing new Tutorial Techniques once a month. Also check back for new blog posts that relate to Planning Your Best Life, the balancing act of feeling good and looking good.  

We appreciate your feedback on additional techniques you may like to learn by sending us a comment using our Contact Form above.

Equipment includes Studio 155, Studio 151, Brother 965i, Kromski Minstrel Spinning Wheel, Juki Industrial Sewing Machine, and Brother 1034D Serger.