Design Process – Sleeveless V-Tee Knit Shirt

The final version of the Taylor Knits “V-Tee Knit Shirt” machine knit pattern looked best without bands and resulted in quick production time.  Approximately one hour to machine knit and one hour to seam.

Design process included:

Pattern sizes taken from industry Standards and Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting size charts.

  1. Draft paper bodice pattern with measurements
  2. Studied Marianne Henio’s “How to Design Write and Convert your own Knitting Patterns
  3. Calculate measurements and draft pattern
  4. Machine knit pattern and make revisions
  5. Seam
  6. Wet block
  7. Steam

Total time: 2 weeks

Stay tuned:  I will turn this lovely V-Tee Shirt into a dress!

Happy Knitting!