A Day at the Beach


I was looking at my planner and noticed it had no time for me!  So, I created a day for me to enjoy doing something other than cleaning, paying bills, and family stuff.  On this day Sunday, August 12, 2018, we went to the beach.

It was wonderful sitting on a park bench looking out at the water watching people enjoying life.  While there I spotted someone kayaking across the water way out beyond the beach boundaries where the larger boats are allowed.




When he came to shore I had the opportunity to speak to him.  He said he was 65 years old and had been kayaking for 50 years and that he started as a child.  His favorite kayak is the kind that you sit on top with your legs strapped in similar to this one.



We talked about ten minutes then he left to eat and returned to the waters.  Yes it was a relaxing day to get away from my surroundings to enjoy the view, sunshine and good people.




As you can see this beach is not well maintained.  The grass is brown looking like hay and not cut.  It’s true that the City does little for the South areas of Chicago but it was not my focus.  Perhaps next time we will find somewhere more enjoyable.