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Waste Yarn and E-wrap Cast-On


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Supplies Needed:

  1.  Cast-on comb or i-cord
  2.  Darning needle for binding live stitches


Purpose of Waste Yarn and E-wrap Cast-on:

One method used in production knitting when you machine knit more than one identical knitting project. For example, you may want to knit several scarfs without binding it off and starting another scarf.  In this instance, you may be asking,”How do I bind-off when one scarf is finished without removing it from the knitting bed?”  I personally use the back stitch bind-off method using a darning needle. Next, I knit another row of i-cord, push needles to hold position and e-wrap cast-on for the next scarf. When all the scarfs are completed the only step left is to remove the white separation thread between each scarf.

Look forward to a series of how to bind-off stitches from the knitting machine.