Step 1 – Measure Your Body




Neck to Shoulder Width

Waist to Low Hip

Top Back to Waist

Armhole Depth

Underarm to Waist

Underarm to Wrist




















Step 2 – Knit Swatch

Example:  4.5 stitches, 6.75 rows to 1 inch at Tension 3

Treat your swatch as you would your sweater.  If you plan on machine washing or hand washing and steaming do the same with your swatch.  Let your swatch completely dry before measuring.  You will be happy in the long-run.

Step 3 – Knit Body Sideways – Calculations

Total Body Length:  16.5″

Underarm to Waist:  10″ x 4.50= 45  Cast-on stitches    (lengthen here)

Bust :  42″ x 6.75″ = 283.5 total rows  

Note:  The seam is on the back. Knit 5 rows of waste yarn.  Turn fabric over right sides facing and rehang stitches behind the hooks and pickup stitches from bottom garment and place stitches in the hooks being careful to align mock ribs together.  Push back needle butts and bind-off as shown in YouTube Video.

Step 4 – Knit Yoke – Sideways – Calculations

Sleeve Length:

19″ + 3.5″= 22.5″  (underarm to wrist length + neck to shoulder width)

22.5″ x 6.75″=  152 Knitted Rows  (repeat same for other arm after neckline)

Neckline Width:  Measure width from collar bone to collar bone.  Mine is 10″  You may need to crochet around neckline on first row and evenly decrease around second row.  I believe I crocheted about 3 rows.

At this point, follow the pattern.

Step 5:  Block each knitted piece separately before seaming together.

After seaming watch my YouTube Video on “How to Machine  Knit the Scallop Edge.

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