blue dressI originally purchased the Brother Knit leader 116 for my Brother 965i knitting machine.  Everything was fine until I purchased my Studio 155 knitting machine.  Why?  Because my Brother knit leader was for full scale patterns and my Studio knit radar was for half scale patterns. I did not want to redraft full-scale patterns to half-scale and vise versa.  Little did I know until much later that I did not have to duplicate them. What I had to do was to change the pin placement on the Brother knit leader to knit half-scaled patterns.  Confusing, I know.

Here’s how:



knitleader 116 Pin Placement


When the pin is in normal position the chart rolls up on every row.  When the pin is placed on the right it rolls up every second row.


  1. If knitting your swatch on a standard gauge machine use 40 stitches and 60 rows.
  2. If on a chunky gauge machine use 30 stitches and 30 rows.

Which ruler to use to measure swatch:

Use a cm ruler to measure your swatch.  Do not use the green or blue ruler.  The color rulers are used to measure a swatch when not using the knit leader/knit radar.

cm ruler


Next, follow your manual on how to setup the knitleader/knit radar.  Happy knitting!

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