One sure way of getting things done is by using a paper planner or a digital planner.  Every detail of your life can be planned to achieve your goals.  Your goals may be developing good habits, keeping your home organized and clean, and organizing doctor appointments etc.  Whatever your heart desire!

I chose to use a digital planner to cut costs of buying paper, pens, and planner notebooks.  Although I have an abundant amount of these supplies already until I became fed up spending just to be spending.  I chose to use OneNote on my laptop and android tablet.  You can learn more about these devices by joining OneNote Bullet Jounal Facebook Group.  There are several digital templates available in this group to help you get started or you can create your own style.

I’ve created several but the one I’m particularly interested in is my design planner.  Take a peek at what you can create:

pattern book

You can write your pattern on the left, pattern details on the right and place an image of your swatch or finished garment.  Your patterns are stored in the clouds and will never be lost.


To map out your time doing the day you can create this Daily Schedule:

Daily Schedule

These are a few examples of what you can do to plan your day to get organized so that you can accomplish your goals.  Happy Knitting!