Store Bought
Store Bought

My Goal:

One day while shopping at J. C. Penny I saw this garment shown at left. My goal was to draft a new pattern to knit it in various colors because I like the style and fit..  You may ask, how?  Using a knit radar.  You too can benefit from using a knit radar to draft your own patterns!  The drop shoulder sleeve allows for more room in the tummy area.  No more mid tummy bulge in knitted garments.

What is a Knit Radar:

“The knit radar does it all… shows you exactly when and where to increase and decrease the exact number of stitches for each row as you are knitting — it shows you exactly where to start a hem, a neckline or a sleeve cuff, and when to cast off, you just can’t go wrong.”

Knit Radar Benefits:

  • You can measure a store bought garment and draft a schematic
  • You can measure a swatch and setup knit radar for knitting any yarn type, and
  • You can create multiple sizes by scaling down.

Would You Like to Learn?

If this is something you would like to learn how to do with your knit radar comment below.