The Orange Blossom Skirt

Orange Blossom Skirt

Selecting the right style skirt to fit your silhouette can be difficult. You will love the fit of this skirt.  It is a circular skirt knitted on the knitting machine using the short-rowing technique.  You can knit this in various weights:

  • Spring Season use one strand of 2/24 ply yarn
  • Fall Season use two strands of 2/24 ply yarn
  • Winter Season use two strands 2/24 ply yarn and one strand for platting device.

The supplies needed are:

  • Standard gauge knitting machine
  • 2-inch non-roll elastic
  • Supplier Stephanie Widmann, industrial 2/24 ply cone yarn, Vibrant Orange
  • Hand steamer

View my inspiration here!

If you would like to learn how to machine knit a circular skirt comment below!