Orange Blossom Skirt

Orange Blossom Summer Combo

The Orange Blossom Skirt


Selecting the right style skirt to fit your silhouette can be difficult. You will love the fit of this skirt.  It is a circular skirt knitted on the knitting machine using the short-rowing technique.  You can knit this in various weights:

  • Spring Season use one strand of 2/24 ply yarn
  • Fall Season use two strands of 2/24 ply yarn
  • Winter Season use two strands 2/24 ply yarn and one strand for platting device.

The supplies needed are:

  • Standard gauge knitting machine
  • 2 inch non-roll elastic
  • Supplier Stephanie Widmann, industrial 2/24 ply cone yarn, Vibrant Orange
  • Hand steamer

View my inspiration here!

If you would like to learn how to machine knit a circular skirt comment below!

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