Casual Playtime Knit Sweater

Most of my personal clothing that I knit are solids because solids can easily be coordinated and switched with other clothing.  Do you prefer more splash in your design?

Knitting the sweater was a jiffy!  Most of the time was spent on hems, arm bands, neckbands and seaming together.  I would estimate it took me about 3-4 hours to put it together.  It is made of 100% mercerized cotton. Very durable and long lasting yarn. Yes, another  knit radar design.  The greatest tool for machine knitters.  If you don’t own a knit radar or knitleader check out my video Drafting Machine Knit Patterns.

Great to wear on causal occasions such as to the grocery store, spending time with family and for any on -the-go activities.

Casual Lime Green Playtime Knit Sweater