Your Safety is Important

1. Always push needles back to non-working position. These needles are sharp and will damage fingers and hurt your children and pets.

2. When not in use cover the needle bed.

3. Never wear knits and any wide long sleeves when knitting.

4. If a ribber bed is attached, please use a bracket to secure your table to the wall. The ribber bed adds more weight and can easily tilt over.

5. Purchase a table with a 1 inch lip. It was my experience when using a 1 ½ inch lip table the brackets would slowly slip loose especially the ribber brackets.

6. Do not use your hands to weigh fabric down while moving the carriage across needle bed.

7. Always replace bent needles.

8. Remove all dangling earrings, bracelets, and rings. These items may get caught in the needles when leaning over to untangle yarns.

9. If you have long hair, pin it up. Your hair will get caught in needles when leaning over.

10. Wear safety gloves when changing needles and sponge bar. If you prick your finger, you may need a tetanus shot especially when working on older machines.

Please share your safety tips below if not listed above,