Ladderback Fairisle Ribber Knit Machine Setup

and Technique – Brother 965i

Listed below are step-by-step instructions on the ladderback Fairisle technique using a robber.  The purpose of this technique is to eliminate long floats on the back of the fabric when machine knitting.  The visual demonstration is located here.

Step 1 Getting Started

  1. Fine Knit Bar
  2. Color Changer
  3. Set Half Pitch
  4. Tension MB 1, Ribber (R) 1
  5. Cast-on Main Bed (MB) 40-0-41
  6. End needles on MB
  7. Even and Odd end needles on KR (ribber)**

Step 2: Zig Zag

  1. Carriage on Right (COR)
  2. Knit 1 row passed turn mark
  3. Hang Ribber Cast-on Comb

Step 3: Salvage Edge

  1. Press left Part button on KH
  2. Push up right Holding Cam to PR on KR
  3. Sliding Lever II
  4. Knit 2 rows, COL passed turn mark
  5. Rearrange ribber needles. The dots represent needles transferred to MB (|..|..|..|..|)

Step 4: Fairisle Pattern

  1. MB tension 4, KR tension 2
  2. Change knob on KH to KC
  3. Reset carriages to Plain knitting
  4. Program pattern #6, Press MC button, Mode 1
  5. Knit 1 row, COR (#1 blinks)
  6. Press both Part buttons on KH
  7. Push up left Holding Cam to PR on KR
  8. Move Sliding Lever to center
  9. IiIi knob inward
  10. Knit your pattern. Pattern is 90 rows