This past year has been a groundbreaking experience. What saved me from drowning was the ability to stay organized in every part of my life with the help of using a planning system. I was able to handle anything thrown my way.

First, I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote a long list of responsibilities. I prioritized these tasks in order of importance based on their due date and emergency. The tasks that did not require my immediate attention were placed at the bottom of the list and later squeezed in throughout the month. Having a visual monthly view, I noticed that I had time in-between tasks to get ready before the events became due. What a relief!

On my weekly calendar, I blocked out time for work. Next, I assign each prioritized task to a particular day of the week. Now, let’s talk about daily routines. What are daily routines? Daily routines are tasks that you do every day such as: wake up, hygiene tasks, get dress, cook breakfast, get kids ready, wash dishes, take care of the pets, schedule appointments, wash clothes, cook dinner, house chores, and check up on immediate family. I wonder how people have time to do it all plus work for eight hours per day without help.

To combat having a breakdown, I restructured my life into sections for each day. In the first section, I called my morning routine, afternoon routine, and night routine. Everything can’t be done in a day especially if you have to work 8 hours daily. So, first I had to block out on an hourly week schedule my working hours, priorities, and plan my three routines around those hours. Whatever needed to be done had to be scheduled within that week because the job takes first priority.

Soon I became aware that something was missing! Can you guess what was missing? Me! I did not schedule time for my mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. My plan was not well balanced. I had to schedule some me time. A time to enjoy life. A time to just breath and enjoy nature. A time to enjoy the people in my life. A time to just be!

In conclusion, in order to plan our best life, we must continuously restructure how we handle important tasks in our life. Join me in learning how to do it. Comment below should you want to learn how.