Portable Home Sauna


I was blessed with this wonderful gift. The benefits include:

• better sleep.
• relaxation.
• detoxification.
• weight loss.
• relief from sore muscles.
• relief from joint pain such as arthritis and sciatica pain.
• clear and tighter skin.
• improved circulation.

I immediately noticed a change in my sciatic hip pain. This is a great self-care regiment tool to include in your daily or weekly routine before showering. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

The Spa Beauty Wellness sauna did not include a chair. You can use a shower chair at its lowest setting. When setting the time and temperature the first two numbers control the timing (1- 60 minutes) and the last digit controls the heat/steam (1-9). I felt comfortable setting it to 30 minutes and heat at the setting of 8. Also included, a remote control and herbs to add to the water reservoir. I look forward to continuing this in my routine.

I highly recommend including a portable home sauna system in your regiment for the benefits listed above.