Moving forward in our planning process, we discussed the importance of Planning Your Best Life. Through planning, we can focus on what is important in life. Next, we discussed the importance of taking care of ourselves to help others, Taking Care of Yourself. How do we achieve this? By Weekly Block Style Planning.

Planning Block Style

Block Style Planning allows you to plot what is important first. Afterward, you can plot other tasks around the important stuff. For instance, housekeeping chores, dinner, evening tasks, and night routine, etc. The image on the right shows what is blocked out for the week. You can look for open slots to plan your other tasks.

Housekeeping Chores

Find empty time slots on your calendar where you can do housekeeping chores. The image on the left is an example of how to section rooms into cleaning zones. I recommend cleaning one room per day and spot clean daily.

Remember to plot time for self-care. The next two areas of planning are budgeting and business planning. I look forward to showing you how to organize your business plans.

Budget PlanningBusiness Planning
Budget Calendar
Fixed Expenses & Variable Expenses
Sinking Fund
Saving Fund
Categorizing Expenses
Checkbook Conciliation

Business Planning
Twelve Week Goal Planning
Social Media Content Calendar
Weekly Calendar
Administrative Worksheet
Machine Knitting Worksheet
Twelve Week Goals Review Sheet
Supply List Sheet
Expense and Sales Sheet