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Machine Knitting

About Taylor

I started machine knitting when I realized hand knitting was a slow process.  My first machine was a Bond Knitting Machine. It was amazing to knit 1000 stitches per minute!  I was so intrigued, I taught myself. The possibilities were endless.

It’s a relaxing time to enjoy you
A great way to increase knitting production
Lower family clothing costs
Potential income

How To Start:

What you will need to get started is a knitting machine and yarn. You may be asking, “Where do I purchase a knitting machine and yarn?” You can join our Community Facebook Group where most machinists go to replenish supplies at Machine Knitting Friends Sales and Advertising.  Currently, there are 1,433 members and growing.  Should you have any questions about machine knitting join our Community Machine Knitting Friends Facebook Group where we discuss techniques, machine tips, and help.  This group consist of 886 members and growing

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