Taylor Knits “Sleeveless V-Tee Knit Dress” Machine Knit Pattern

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Description:  Channel your inner beauty with this sexy summer look!   Made of a lightweight acrylic material.

Benefits:  Stylish for day and evening casual wear.


Bust 38-40         Hips: 55.5” Hem: 81.7” Waist to Hip: 8.4” Length: 32.2”
Bust 42-44         Hips:  60”   Hem: 87.9   Waist to Hip: 8.4”   Length: 32.2”

Material:  2/24 ply light weight acrylic textile, machine wash

How to Use:  Pattern use on a standard gauge knitting machine.

Shipping:  Digital download to your computer and stored in your online account at Taylor Knits.